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The VRB Series


That sound. You've heard it. Duck Dunn. James Jamerson. Bob Babbitt. Jerry Jemmott. Jaco Pastorius. Anthony Jackson. Carol Kaye.

Those names are synonymous with taste and groove.  The Vintage Recording Bass, or "VRB" is our best seller, and is our take on the greats of yesteryear- a sound that is consistent day after day, night after night and through whatever amp or DI you use.  Soundmen love these and recording engineers swear by them.  And, your band will thank you for it.  The big difference is that we don't beat them up to capture the vibe, because they'll do that by themselves.  And, we'd rather you play them and make them into their own vintage instrument.

Standard Features

  • Alder or Poplar body
  • Maple neck shaft
  • Maple/Maple or Maple/Pau Ferro 34" scale 21-fret neck
  • Solid color finish in choice of Fiesta Red, Black, Vintage White, Sea Foam Green, Daphne Blue, or Olympic White
  • Solid color pickguard
  • Neck Width Choices:
    • 4 String:
      • 1-1/2"
      • 1-5/8" nut width (standard)
    • 5 String:
      • 1-7/8" nut width
  • Pickups:
    • Honey Badger P4 or P5 Humbucker (VRB 4.1, VRB 5.1)
    • Honey Badger J4 or J5 Single Coil Pickups (VRB 4.2, VRB 5.2)
    • Honey Badger P/J Pickup Set (VRB 4.3, VRB 5.3)
  • Hipshot Reverse tuners
  • Vintage bridge, .75" spacing
  • Dunlop Strap Locks
  • Chrome hardware
Custom electronics, featuring the Regenerate Duo-Tone™ circuit standard and active electronics are available, too!! (upcharges will apply)

Base Prices

VRB 4.1 4 String (P)
Base MSRP: $2,895.00
Base Street: $2,095.00
VRB 4.2 4 String (J)
Base MSRP: $3,295.00
Base Street: $2,375.00
VRB 4.3 4 String (P/J)
Base MSRP: $3,345.00
Base Street: $2,395.00
VRB 5.1 5 String (P)
Base MSRP: $2,995.00
Base Street: $2,145.00
VRB 5.2 5 String (J)
Base MSRP: $3,495.00
Base Street: $2,475.00
VRB 5.3 5 String (P/J)
Base MSRP: $3,545.00
Base Street: $2,495.00


Body Finishes:
  • Vintage Burst
  • Clear Gloss
  • Semi-Transparent Colors
  • Vintage Tint Clear
Fingerboard Options:
  • Clear gloss finish
  • Satin w/ gloss Headstock
  • Vintage Tint satin or gloss
  • Matching Headstock Color
Other Options:
  • Swamp Ash Bodies - 1 and 2 piece
  • Other body woods available (please ask!)
  • Black or Gold hardware
  • Flame or AAA Flame Maple neck
  • Birdseye or AAA Birdseye Neck
  • Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • Roasted Maple Neck (when available)
  • Lined/Unlined Fretless
    • Pau Ferro
    • Ebony
    • Epoxy finishes (adds 6+ weeks to delivery)
  • No pickguard, top or rear routed
  • Figured Drop-Top bodies
  • Wide variety of Honey Badger pickups
  • Wide variety of Active Preamps

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