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About Regenerate Guitar Works

What's "Regenerate"?

The ‘Regenerate’ (pronounced ree – gen’ – er – it) philosophy, and my personal approach to bass building, can be found within its very definition:

  • to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, esp. in a better form or condition.
  • to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again.
  • to come into existence or be formed again.
  • to reform; become regenerate.
  • to produce a regenerative effect.
  • to undergo regeneration.
  • reconstituted or made over in a better form
  • reestablish on a new, usually improved, basis

The name is used in its adjective format, as the regeneration process is completed or has already begun and is now bearing fruit. The origin of this word is from the Latin regenerātus which means to bring forth again.

Regenerate also bears reference to another area I am devoted to - mentoring young adults (high school – college age mostly) – and the fruits I’ve experienced while working with someone who had been allowed to become stale, without a future vision, listless, and caught in the system. Many of those I’ve worked with are now energized with a new found purpose and direction – they now have a zeal for life that was not there before, and this zeal is infecting others they interact with in a positive way.

In the same way, much of what is happening today in the guitar industry is focused on maximizing revenue at any cost, because the system says this is how it has to be done. My goal is to be one of those sparks that bring a renewed life into a 60 year young instrument, blending vintage concepts and designs with modern materials and methods, and so renewing the perspective of what a quality designed/built instrument has potential to be. I don’t intend to challenge the Alembics and Sadowskys of the industry – they all have a firmly rooted following – instead I intend to see where this path of blending vintage and modern will take my basses (and eventually guitars when the timing is right)

Our Roots...

I’m a P-bass kinda guy at heart who happens to also have a love for woodworking and the beauty of highly figured woods. I’m a bassist who picked up my first bass in the Spring of 1982, spent years playing in various hair metal bands, endured unending hours in the studio laying tracks and mixing, and is also someone who enjoys working a project from the first concept unto customer delivery and beyond. Numerous friends who spend considerable time in the studio have repeatedly noted their desire for a vintage sounding instrument that plays great and takes advantage of what modern technology and manufacturing have to offer. These same artists prefer not to spend more on a bass than they did on their teenager’s first car. Thanks to most valuable input and critiques, I’ve come to recognize the opportunity to provide an instrument of studio use quality that’s within the threshold of a moderately priced custom instrument.

A Little History...

It all began innocently enough – I was only going to order the parts to assemble a single 4-string bass as a spring pad for experimenting with the various pickups coming onto the market. Even though I had been a player for more than two decades, I had never taken the plunge to assemble a bass. Could I actually do it, or would this be an exercise in humility serving only to grow the balance on my credit card? I knew what I thought I wanted, but was it really what I needed? How nice it would have been to know somebody who knew about instrument building that I could lean on to answer the overwhelming number of questions I had. That first build was a success, and it only served as the grounds to order more necks, bodies, and a multitude of parts for a growing number of builds. I began to long to do more than simply assemble parts made by others, and with the encouragement of my wife I began to purchase the basic woodworking tools to create my own bodies from rough lumber. Success with bodies gave me the confidence to tackle my first neck that looked nice, but it lacked the finesse needed to make it desirable for daily playing. After a couple of successful neck builds I began to work custom projects for friends – a sort of self-supporting hobby if you will. Fast forward another 18 months of numerous power tool purchases, many prototype experiments, repairs, customizations, and an immeasurable quantity of design time spent capturing the driving vision.

And so Regenerate Guitar Works was born sometime in late 2006 as part of the progression of my passion for bass guitar building. What began so innocently was beginning to show signs that it could become something even more. Since those early modifications and custom builds I have built bolt-on neck basses with 4, 5, and 6-strings in fretted and fretless flavors and in 33″, 34″ and 35″ scales. Most of these have taken the form of the more traditional ‘double-cut’ variety, but a few have been single-cuts. I’ve experimented with different woods originating from the far corners of the globe to those growing in my relative back yard, and I’ve combined them with an unending number of pickup, pre-amp, and hardware configurations.

In all of this I’ve found what I consider to be ‘my voice’ in the instrument making world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this voice with you. It’s my deepest desire that every Regenerate Guitar Works bass empowers you to release your musical voice with a newfound and uninhibited freedom.

All the best,


Our Team

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