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Regenerate Guitar Works

For Players, By Players

What's So Special

Thoughtful Originality

Every single Regenerate Guitar Works instrument is completely designed and handcrafted - by us and no one else. Our designs are the result of not only years and years of research and development, but also through the trials of performance.

Ergonomics And Comfort

Since we're players, we know what it's like to have an instrument on your neck and back for hours. Regenerate Guitar Works strives to make instruments that are not only comfortable, but to also inspire you and max out your creativity.

No Substitutes

We use only the finest ingredients in our recipes for great instruments. There is no piece great or small that is skimped on or subject to lesser quality for us.

What People Are Saying

Brian Batey
I love everything about this bass- the neck, the fit, the finish, and chicks dig the color. The sound is what seals the deal. Absolutely no on believes that this thing is not active.
-Brian Batey, Session Artist, bassist with Mason Granade
Erich Gruber
Tone for days from your fingers and the Regenerate 5 string. Love your tone, Marc! Nice, full attack without being too peaky, full, rich body with just enough upper mid to cut through and the complete ADSR envelope represented including the release. That Koa top is not hard to look at, either.
-Erich Gruber, Session Artist, guitarist for John Elefante
Jon McMillan
I can always count on my Regenerates to feel great, sound great, look great and most importantly, get the job done under any circumstances. No matter the venue or the genre, they do their job- and they make mine pretty darn easy.
-Jon McMillan, Session Artist, bassist with Right About Now
Lee Haldorsen
When I told my guitar-collector friend that I had ordered a Regenerate GT, he came to my house with his original 1952 Telecaster, saying, 'If you've ordered a modern repro, you should play the gold standard until it arrives.' So, I played that for several months. I loved it enough that I grew nervous about the Regenerate GT that was being made for me- until it was delivered! It is beautiful! I even custom ordered the color to my exact desire. When I was really honest with myself, I wouldn't have taken the '52 in trade. Bottom line: I couldn't be happier with my GT from Regenerate Guitar Works.
-Lee Haldorsen, singer for The Main Attraction
Marc Miller
I get compliments every time I play it from recording engineers to soundguys and even the audience. My Regenerator 5 and my VRB 5 sound so good and are so easy to play, I can't put them down! And my VRB fretless 4.2 is the best sounding, best playing fretless I have ever owned. Since I got that one, I even practice!
-Marc Miller, Professional Session Bassist